Cult raving in a blindfold: my tunes of 2014

In very particular order, these are the albums which brought out cult-like feelings of worship and belonging in La Doble in 2014.


1. Caribou – Our Love (City Slang)

I’ve loved Caribou forever. But I love this album SO MUCH its technotronic charms nearly ambushed my capacity to do The List this year at all. No other set of tunes came anywhere close in 2014. Our Love is all at once soulful, subtle, emotional and yet absolutely banging. Dan Snaith, I want you to create an origami commune from graph paper where we can all live and play rave Bop-It together and eat nice stews. Yeah?

This video is delightfully creepy too. Yet despite my readiness to form the Cult of Snaith immediately I’ve managed to pick my way around his giant strafing disco beams (like Catherine Zeta Jones trying to nick a painting) to bring you some other stuff I loved in 2014.

catherine_zeta_jones_entrapment_Mn6DKKb.sized(Pictured: Me trying to escape Dan Snaith’s love beams in search of other music.)

2. Grumbling Fur – Preternaturals (The Quietus Phonographic Corporation)

I don’t know masses about this lot but I’m sure you’ll agree their odd combo of Depeche Mode vocals, Giorgio Moroder bleeps and Spike Island anorak swagger is worthy of further analysis.


And ain’t it weird how my favourite albums have almost the same cover?

See? Brainwashee.


<<< Preternaturals                                          Our Love >>>




3. The Hidden Cameras – Age (EvilEvil)

Age is the sixth album from The Hidden Cameras and it is stitched together in disco twine, overlocked with blood, spit and other secretions. It’s rude, clever, weird and good.

By rights The Hidden Cameras should be stadium massive like fellow Canadians Arcade Fire. Sadly for the world, they are not. Fortuitously for me and other obsessive loyal fans, we occasionally get to see them up close in tiny venues playing bare-chested in blindfolds. Bonus fact: The LP version of Age features a pull-out poster of Chelsea Manning.

4. Mogwai – Rave Tapes (Rock Action Records)

Mogwai just keep going and because they are consistently good, no-one really notices. On Rave Tapes they are once again mournfully and Scottishly epic, bringing to mind slo-mo footage of towerblocks being demolished again, again, Red Road, grey skies, loop, crash, loop, descend, again, again. I played pool with them once (Leeds Festival, 2001).  The game concluded when Stuart Braithwaite potted all the balls with his hands.


5. East India Youth – Total Strife Forever (Stolen Recordings)

This was the first album that pricked my ears in 2014. It’s quite a mad electronic mess but like a good trifle its various sweet and oddly textured layers work. William Doyle has done a Snaith: intricate, emotional headphone music that sneaks up and flips you into full-on arms aloft warehouse mode just when you were considering an early night.



And for good measure here are my individual tracks of 2014. They need no explanation because they are all BANGETY BANGING and you can enjoy ’em all on this MIXTAPE here if you so wish.

1. Robyn and Royksopp – Do It Again

2. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

3. Lonelady – Groove It Out

4. Jungle – Busy Earnin’

5. Clark – The Grit in the Pearl

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  1. Such good tunes, especially Mogwai and Lonelady. Did you hear her 6music session with Marc Riley? Amongst others she played Hinterland, the most ridiculously funky and practically perfect track I’ve heard in ages. Maddeningly, she’s making us wait for the album before we can hear it again…

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